• David Schlaifer

    Founder, President & CEO

    David founded DAS on the premise that private..

  • Kyle Mynatt

    Vice President of Technology Solutions

    Ultimate client caretaker and protector. Data..

  • Eric Fudge

    Vice President of Finance & Administration

    Eric's unique mix of operational expertise and..

  • Thom Pirone

    Interim VP of HR & Marketing

    Thom works with our HR & Marketing departments to..

  • Julianne Porter

    Vice President of Client Success

    Customer care expert, client services leader. Loves..

  • Shane Daugherty

    Director of Cloud Services

    Shane enjoys the new challenges and knowledge he..

  • Derick Miller

    Director of Integrations

    Master connector of systems and communities and..

  • Justin Montalto

    Director of Managed IT Services

    As Director of MSP, Justin manages our IT services..

  • Heather Dilley

    RCM Division Manager

    Former practice management and billing company..

  • Jenna Wengler

    Human Resources Manager

    Our resident "People Person", Jenna keeps all DAS..

  • Cara Horton

    Senior Account Manager

    Cara is passionate about helping her community and..

  • Kourtney Kaser

    Senior Account Manager

    Kourtney works tirelessly to serve our clients,..

  • Jonelle Suzuki

    Senior Account Manager

    Jonelle Suzuki serves our clients with an unfailing..

  • Jamie Butler

    Account Manager

    Animal lover and travel junkie, Jamie brings his..

  • Catherine Ferguson

    Account Manager

    Catherine is a resource, teacher and advocate for..

  • Emily Guerrero

    Account Manager

    Emily's true passion is working with and helping her..

  • Tony Diliberto

    Junior Account Manager

    Tony is passionate about communicating with our..

  • Erik Maya

    Junior Account Manager

    Erik is a trusted consultant, resource and guide..

  • Samantha Navarro

    Assistant Account Manager

    Samantha serves our clients to make their practices..

  • Bridget Peterson

    Junior Account Manager

    Bridget finds her job rewarding through helping..

  • Nicole Armbruster

    Junior Account Manager - VARs

    Nicole gets a sense of pride and assurance when..

  • Sara Pesko

    Senior Product Manager

    Enjoys ultimately improving patient lives through..

  • Heather Benefiel

    Product Manager

    The ultimate organizer and product expert...

  • Shiloh Byrd

    RCM Operations Manager

    Champion of processes and customer service delivery...

  • Jennifer Wallingford

    Assistant Product Manager

    Jennifer wants to make a difference through the..

  • Krista Branch

    Executive Assistant

    Excited to work hard and learn each day. Animal..

  • Melanie Yanetsko

    Senior Accounting Analyst

    Detail-oriented outdoor enthusiast. Passionate about..

  • Carole Colella

    Accounting Specialist

    Carole loves building a rapport with clients on a..

  • Esten Jostad

    Junior Accounting Specialist

    Esten enjoys being a part of an industry that makes..

  • Sierra Lemos

    Human Resources Assistant

    Sierra is passionate about the healthcare industry..

  • Shanna Torres

    Office Manager

    Shanna loves being in the healthcare industry for..

  • Benjamin Erickson

    Senior Systems Engineer

    Benjamin is a trouble shooter, problem solver and..

  • Tom Mani

    Managed Services Team Lead

    Tom works to be the hero for our clients, solving..

  • Julien Berthault

    Cloud Services Engineer

    Julien enjoys learning and implementing..

  • David Graham

    Cloud Services Engineer

    Enjoys learning and implementing new technologies..

  • Clement Muhayimana

    Integrations Engineer

    Clement loves knowing his job makes provider's jobs..

  • Chris Ackley

    Systems Engineer

    Experienced Health IT implementations expert. Loves..

  • Justin Bark

    Systems Engineer

    Experienced IT systems engineer. Focused on helping..

  • Clinton Hartman

    Systems Engineer

    IT systems engineer, historical re-actor and..

  • Juan Navarro

    Systems Engineer

    Juan is passionate about helping providers to make..

  • Emily Rowland

    Project Manager

    Practically born into healthcare, master of marrying..

  • Amanda Berthault

    Integrations Specialist

    Amanda wants to help the healthcare industry thrive..

  • Priscilla Cervoni

    Support Manager

    As our Billing Support Lead Priscilla works with our..

  • Phillip Tiblier

    Clinical Support Lead

    Phillip thrives on the constantly change of both..

  • David Cretul

    Implementation Specialist

    David delivers the knowledge our clients need to..

  • Jimmy Samuels

    Senior Support Specialist

    Loves putting a positive attitude and dedication to..

  • Talyssa Sheldon

    Senior Support Specialist

    Talyssa delivers the eMDs, Lytec and Medisoft EHR..

  • Chris Whitman

    Support Specialist

    Chris is a former RN who made the leap to Health IT,..

  • Veronica Cruz

    AR Manager

    Deliverer of clinical and revenue cycle expertise...

  • Amanda Andino

    RCM Client Liaison

    Amanda knows the importance of every role in the..

  • Leann Harris

    RCM Client Liaison

    Leann loves that she learns something new every day..

  • Christine Cornforth

    Junior RCM Client Liaison

    Christine 'aspires to inspire', and loves staying..

  • Ginny Hamilton

    Junior RCM Client Liaison

    Ginny dreams big, and loves to travel as much as she..

  • Kristen Crisp

    RCM Specialist

    Kristen loves helping people and works hard to..

  • Veronica Hernandez

    RCM Specialist

    Veronica loves helping providers make money by..

  • Sherri McCray-Golden

    RCM Specialist

    Sherri loves to learn new things, and is in..

  • Doris Dickinson

    QA Specialist

    Dreaming of travel, Doris enjoys the constant change..

  • Catherine Espinosa

    Team Lead - Claims Processing

    Catherine has a personal connection to healthcare..

  • Cassandra Baker

    Claims Processor

    Cassandra assists the RCM team to deliver quality,..

  • Suzette Johnson

    Claims Processor

    Suzette delivers exceptional billing results for our..

  • Marie C. Kelly

    Claims Processor

    Salsa dancer, chocolate lover, and travel enthusiast..

  • Brandon Gipson

    Team Lead – Payment Posting

    Brandon enjoys helping people and uses his skills in..

  • Vivian Cardona

    Payment Poster

    Vivian assists our clients in resolving AR issues,..

  • Loretta Davis

    Payment Poster

    Loretta loves to investigate claims, working toward..

  • Sheila Gross

    Payment Poster

    Sheila brings her many years of experience with..

  • Jakeline Jaramillo

    Payment Poster

    As a well-experienced member of the RCM team,..

  • Brittani Johnson

    Payment Poster

    When she isn't dreaming of travel, Brittani works..

  • Shara Wilson

    Payment Poster

    Shara works hard to make a difference for our..

  • Jessica Leal

    Team Lead – Patient Calls

    Jessica brings her love of customer service and..

  • Melody Ebelsheiser

    Patient Specialist

    Melody works to help patients understand their..

  • Evelyn Nunez-Rivera

    Patient Specialist

    Evelyn has thorough experience in medical billing..

  • Sandra Castro

    Senior AR Specialist

    Sandra is a constant learner and netflix junkie, and..

  • Kimberley Cardillo

    AR Specialist

    Kimberley is passionate about animals and helping..

  • Katina Mathis

    AR Specialist

    Katina works hard to help our clients succeed..

  • Sherry Moffatt

    AR Specialist

    Sherry enjoys the constantly changing world of..

  • Michael O'Shaughnessy

    AR Specialist

    Michael enjoys the challenge of staying ahead of the..

  • Tracey Palmer

    AR Specialist

    An animal lover and chocolate fan, Tracey dreams of..

  • Tara Pendergrass

    AR Specialist

    Helps our doctors to maximize the ROI on their time...

  • Tamla Shell

    AR Specialist

    Tamla started her healthcare career at 15, and has..

  • Shayla Tolbert

    AR Specialist

    Shayla loves helping patients with their services..

  • Donica Castellow

    RCM Quality Assurance Supervisor

    Loves a challenge and lives for finding the "AHA!..

  • Steven Felver

    RCM Internal Trainer

    Steven loves to learn new things, and enjoys..

  • Kevin Chen

    EHR Support Specialist

    Kevin works hard to help our clients get the most..

  • J’Lante Henshaw

    EHR Support Specialist

    J'Lante finds the constant change in the healthcare..

  • Breanna Farrell

    Clinical Support Specialist

    Breanna is very people oriented and helps client..

  • Nick Gabor

    Clinical Support Specialist

    Nick understands how a program is designed, software..

  • Beth Fisher

    Senior Billing Support Specialist

    Nothing satisfies Beth more than helping our..

  • Julianna Ciaglia

    Billing Support Specialist

    Julianna loves helping our clients' practices..

  • Chelsea Tovar

    Billing Support Specialist

    Chelsea digs in to problem-solve difficult tasks,..

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