Employee Highlight

Melissa Combs

Senior Product Manager

DAS Family Since 2011
Former Practice Administrator. Resident EHR and implementations expert. Devoted client advocate, wife and mom. Travel and ski junkie.

Why are you in healthcare?

Providing a service that I wish had been available to me during my 10+ years as a Practice Administrator at an OB office.

What do you love most about your job?

Working in tandem with the Client Services Team and all of my clients – I always learn something new, as well as teach something new.

Best career advice you’ve ever received?

My father once told me, that I am only one person, and I shouldn’t try to do everything because that would be impossible to accomplish, and no one will notice anything that you do because you’ll spread yourself too thin. So he said to concentrate on a few big things that will make an impact on you and your company.

Favorite charities or causes?

The Haven, for battered and abused women and children; Anti-bullying programs at kids schools.

You’re off the clock. Where can we find you?

I love to travel, ski, exercise, and spend time with my family.

Bucket List Top 3?

  • Visit Napa during Crush
  • Ski in Switzerland
  • Visit NYC for the lighting of the Christmas tree

Vanilla or Chocolate? Seriously.


Dinner with any 3 people?

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Judy Garland
  • My maternal grandmother

Favorite Quote?

“Everything happens for a reason.”

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