Finance and Administration Team

The finance and administration teams have the DAS Family’s backs – from human resources to accounting to contracts. This cohesive group works behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly each day, delivering exceptional customer service to our clients, associates and vendors.

DAS knows the importance of a solid foundation, and the finance and administration team forms the backbone of DAS’ operations. Our team works hard to continually enhance our company and knows that exceptional customer care starts with exceptional company culture.

  • Eric Fudge

    Vice President of Finance & Administration

    Favorite part of working at DAS: I really identify..

  • Jenna Wengler

    Human Resources Manager

    Why are you in healthcare? I grew up in the health..

  • Krista Branch

    Executive Assistant

    Why are you in healthcare? It is a growing field a..

  • Melanie Yanetsko

    Accounting Analyst

    Why are you in healthcare? It’s a field that is ..


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