Support Team

When the honeymoon ends, you want to be with someone who really gets you. Our support team is in it with our clients for the long-haul, delivering direct problem resolution for everything from new user requests, to software upgrades, to hosting environment oversight. Because whether it’s month one or year 10, they know the person at the other end of the phone wants to get back to their practice as quickly as possible with a solution, not an excuse.

Our specialists manage well beyond the daily calls and questions, providing everything from system billing and clinical training to immediate ticket resolution. They have over 100 years combined experience as lead Clinical Support Specialists, Technical Support, Third Party Interfacing Managers, Practice Administrators and Billing Managers.

  • Kyle Mynatt

    Vice President of Technology Solutions
  • Priscilla Cervoni

    Support Manager
  • Phillip Tiblier

    Aprima Support Lead
  • Chris Orsag

    eMDs Support Lead
  • Jimmy Samuels

    Software Upgrade Analyst
  • Talyssa Sheldon

    Senior EHR Support Specialist
  • J’Lante Henshaw

    Senior EHR Support Specialist
  • Glenna Short

    Senior EHR Support Specialist
  • Julien Berthault

    Senior EHR Support Specialist
  • James Sirmans

    Senior Support Specialist
  • Juan Navarro

    Senior EHR Support Specialist
  • Beth Fisher

    Senior Billing Support Specialist
  • Chris Whitman

    EHR Support Specialist
  • Michael Foree

    EHR Support Specialist
  • Steven Etherton

    EHR Support Specialist
  • Kimberly Watson

    EHR Support Specialist
  • Chelsea Tovar

    Billing Support Specialist
  • Sherri Upson

    Billing Support Specialist
  • Ginny Gay

    Billing Support Specialist