Outsourcing: Your Solution to a Billing Talent Shortage

16 May 2017 | SOURCE: DAS Health

If your practices is in need of better billing, you may be considering outsourcing your billing services or building a new medical billing department. But which solution is right for you?

Consider the following questions to determine which option is right for your practice and will provide the best ROI.

  • If building an in-house team, will you be able to attract the right talent? Often, availability of skilled, certified coders is a real challenge to hiring – whether you’re looking for one individual to a team.
  • Do you need a full-time role? Considering the work load, you may not have need for a full staff member. Working with a billing solutions company can take your billing work off your plate and provide professional coders to tackle your revenue cycle management needs.
  • Can you easily replicate the role if your employee leaves? Maybe your practice has a rare jewel of a biller – who can tackle denials as easily as negotiating with payers, and who knows your billing needs inside and out. But if this outstanding employee retires or moves on, are you able to replace their role? Outsourcing helps avoid staffing concerns and keeps talented players on your team – without you worrying about hiring or managing employee retention.
  • Can your practice benefit from collective best practices and billing knowledge? Gaining access to experts through a revenue cycle management company lets your practice take advantage of their collective knowledge – including best practices for better billing and reduced denials. Better billing ultimately leads to better collections and more money in your pocket.

If your practice is looking to improve collections and expand your revenue cycle management services, consider outsourcing your needs to best benefit your practice.

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