Top 5 Tips to Market Your Practice

13 Feb 2017 | SOURCE: DAS Health

Stock Photo by Sean Locke

Looking to grow your practice, or improve your practice’s brand? It can be tough to get your name out there, particularly if you are a smaller or newer business. Check out these top 5 tips to promote your practice and market your business to new customers:


1. Take advantage of technology. Use your website, blog, social media and email to keep in touch with patients by sharing news or information they care about. Do some testing to figure out the optimal amount of posts or shared news, and share patient success stories that speak to the quality of your practice.

2. Promote your business listing. Use online provider directories (many of which are free) to ensure your information is complete, up to date, and shows on local searches.

3. Contribute to your community. Bring your practice to the people with booths at health fairs or festivals, and sponsor local sports leagues or charities to get your name in front of the right customers.

4. Flaunt your expertise. Make use of the medical knowledge you’ve gained by working with news centers or health publications to share your specialized knowledge. Give talks or guest speak at seminars relevant to your specialty.

5. Promote positive patient experiences. Word of mouth travels fast, and many trust their friends and family to recommend health providers. Create exceptional patient experiences with personal touches, such as birthday or holiday cards, and focus on increased patient engagement through add on services.


In today’s changing healthcare landscape, many patient’s are seeking firm support and guidance. These tips, in addition to staying on top of changing regulations, can put your practice on the fast track to increased patient satisfaction and practice growth.

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