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Find out more about the benefits of working with the largest reseller of both Aprima and eMDs.

Meet the new way to EHR.

The power of Aprima® meets the practicality of Lytec, Medisoft and Practice Partner.


As the largest certified reseller of both eMDs and Aprima, we’ve got you covered. DAS Health is the only reseller that has decades of experience helping providers just like you to integrate Electronic Health Record (EHR) software offered by both eMDs and Aprima into your practice. And if you’re a current eMDs or Aprima VAR, we also offer many additional services to support you, as we do currently with many VARs.

Our team has spent hundreds of thousands of hours working with, customizing, hosting and supporting these software platforms. That’s why there’s no one better to help you navigate this exciting new acquisition of Aprima by eMDs.

What exactly does all this change mean for you? It means more.


aprima-emds-acquisitionMore resources with experience across both platforms

aprima-emds-acquisitionMore integration

More choice

aprima-emds-acquisitionMore influence

aprima-emds-acquisitionMore knowledge, experience, and support


Experience better integration across software platforms. Experience an increased portfolio of software resources. Experience a more powerful voice than ever before as a part of the ultra-connected DAS community.


The DAS Health team knows how to match you with the best fit EHR solution for your practice, and we’ll be there to help you implement and maintain it — every step of the way. Because you deserve the best.