Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical

Medisoft® and Medisoft Clinical® offer a comprehensive suite of tools that help you run a modern practice while delivering superior care. Whether you need flexible scheduling and billing, or advanced clinical capabilities – Medisoft offers the technology you need without the complexity you don’t.

Designed to help small and growing practices thrive in an ever-changing healthcare world, Medisoft technology is fine tuned to help you work faster and smarter – freeing your practice up to spend more time on patients instead of paperwork.

With Medisoft’s proven practice management system your practice can capture every dollar of revenue you earn. Medisoft Clinical brings a comprehensive electronic health record solution into the mix, building on the Medisoft system to enhance clinical capabilities. Together, your practice gains the right tools and proven software to work smarter, not harder.


Benefits you care about

  • Customize practice reporting to get the data you want, without extra clutter
  • Reduce time spent on data entry with chart automation features that make charting a breeze
  • Get paid faster with simplified insurance billing
  • Instantly understand system design with a familiar paper chart based layout
  • Easily find patient data with searchable features, saving you and your practice time on administrative tasks

Exceptional features by design

  • Streamlined workflows for clinical and billing processes
  • E-Prescribing
  • Bright Note Technology™
  • Templates for visit documentation
  • Range of smart tools including digital pen and dictation
  • Centralized access to critical patient information including messages, results and performance


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Medisoft is a practice management system. It is the most popular medical billing software on the market. It is Windows-based, and easy to use. The powerful workflow engine helps clinicians manage scheduling, billing, and revenue cycles. The system is designed to help you accurately capture claims data.

Medisoft Clinical

When you utilize Medisoft Clinical, not only are you getting practice management software, you are receiving a comprehensive electronic health record. Medisoft Clinical allows you to update an entire chart from just one point of entry. For you, this means that there is less time wasted on documentation. Providers can choose from a wide variety of smart tools – including templates, dictation, and web-based data entry – allowing your practice to customize the software to your needs.

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Black Book™ Ranking


Why Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical?

There are hundreds of practice management and EHR systems out there. So, why pick Medisoft & Medisoft Clinical? The answer is quite simple: this software was designed by physicians, for physicians.

Our software knows that doctors, nurses, and office managers do not have the time to wade through a clunky user interface or deal with a complex system of files. Instead, Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical are clinician-centric. This means that they were designed to be convenient. Medisoft is already the most popular medical billing software option, and clinicians all over the country have found Medisoft technology to be not only useful, but simple and intuitive.


Patient Billing

Managing patient accounts, collections, and copays has never been easier than with Medisoft. Our software allows you access to real-time financial data as well as review patient receivables and billing history in a format that lets you easily set up payment plans if needed.

With BillFlash™ integration, your practice can print and mail patient statements. You can also upload your billing information, and have customized, professional invoices mailed out the next day.


Protecting your patients’ information is protecting your practice. Security breaches not only represent a loss of trust in your team, they could be quite costly in terms of fines and lawsuits. Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical use exceptional security features to make sure that your records are kept confidential and protected, and when coupled with managed IT security services keep you ahead of the game. At the end of the day, you want an EHR that gives you peace of mind – not more headaches.

Mobile Connectivity

In today’s connected environment, you need to be able to work from everywhere. We not only understand your on-the-go lifestyle, we’ve got your back with an EHR that fits your needs. With Medisoft and Medisoft Clinical, you have access to everything that you need from your tablet or a mobile device – good to go when you are.

Electronic Prescriptions

Medisoft works closely with Surescripts®, which helps you order medication faster and more accurately. This keeps your patients safe. Speed your prescription and refill workflows while ensuring patient health via notifications of drug interaction, allergies, and diagnosis checks.


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See it in action

Let us show you what Medisoft software can do. Request a demo today!

Seeing Medisoft in action will allow you to understand how your workflows will be incorporated and walk through the customization available for your specialty and practice type. Don’t stick with a software that doesn’t meet your needs – see how Medisoft and DAS Health are different.