Before Aprima it was chaos

Brandi Johnson, DPM


Dr. Brandi Johnson of Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists decided to upgrade from a limited charting application and get ahead of the curve by investing in an electronic health record (EHR) system as a way to bring efficiencies to the practice. She also knew that automating their office would help differentiate themselves from paper- based podiatry practices in the area.

The practice selected DAS because it offered the perfect combination of Aprima Medical Software’s EHR and practice management (PM) solution, excellent on-site training, and comprehensive lifetime support. Aprima had the capabilities she wanted such as e-prescribing and workflow management. Furthermore, it was easy to customize and would serve their office staff well.

Dr. Johnson names increased efficiency as a favorite thing about Aprima. "It’s organized our office, she says, "With the Aprima system, everything is documented and therefore everyone is accountable for their actions and time.“ Before Aprima things were chaotic with messages interrupting the doctors throughout the day. Now with the messaging center, "every call gets logged. Messages about labs, prescription refills, consultations from the hospital, patient updates, MRI reports - they all get scanned in to our message center and linked to the patient chart. At the end of day we get with our staff and go thru messages," says, "nothing gets lost."

Instant Messaging has also created numerous efficiencies in the office. "There are little things that help," says Dr. Johnson, "like if one of my staff is going to lunch - she can IM me, and doesn’t have to wait for me to finish with a patient. I can also see instantly if another doctor is calling, so I can step out of an exam to take the call if I need to.”

Another favorite is the “pop-up note.” For example, if a patient has a balance due, Practice Manager Dina Richie can add a pop-up to the schedule reminding the front desk to collect the balance. “Our receptionists let patients know there’s a balance due when they call with the appointment reminder. And we don’t waste paper printing a bill if the patient doesn’t need it.”

Dr. Johnson estimates that the practice is saving $500/month in paper-based chart costs. Additional savings come from forgone printing costs (prescription pads, forms and photocopies). Staff is more efficient. “Now, you don’t have to worry about where the chart is, because everyone has access. Just pull it up, and boom! You’ve got what you need,” says Dr. Johnson. Finally, the practice no longer needs transcription services, saving an estimated $1000/month. It was a smart investment for the practice, "The cost of the system ends up being a wash as our savings pays for our EHR. Without seeing money from the government yet [Dr. Johnson has now received her government incentives], we estimate our monthly savings to be about $3000 between transcriptions, employee time and efficiency, paper, charts, office supplies and copies."

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists was converted to Aprima from Office Hours Professional Scheduler.