Elaine Mihlako


For Elaine Mihlako, Practice Administrator at Donald J. Fornace, D.O. F.A.C.C., adding Chronic Care Management (CCM) services has been simple, and her practice has seen immediate results in just three months.

From their initial implementation, working with DAS Health has been a breeze. “It really went off without a hitch,” Elaine remarked, “no complaints or concerns. Everything was established for us and we just had to get the consent form up and running to get started.”

“I always have at least one or two obstacles,” Elaine said, “but this was the easiest. Knock on wood, adding CCM has gone without any hiccups or problems.”

While the initial implementation went smoothly, using the program has been just as easy. “I’ve seen other offices that have full time employees doing this, and I have seen how many of them are doing it wrong.” Elaine notes.

With DAS, she knows that the program is correctly done and the burden of completing CCM requirements is lifted off her practice’s shoulders. “We don’t have the type of man power to take it on ourselves, and it’s so easy for us to work with DAS Health instead.” Elaine emphasized, “It still assists the patient and our practice, it’s a win-win for both ends of the spectrum.”

As a cardiology practice, Elaine has found it easy to work with her referring providers as well. “We have a lot of referring physicians but it’s easy to double check if a patient is already enrolled or not. I only know of one primary care physician in the area enrolling patients,” she said.

Elaine has kept in touch with her referring providers to ensure patient coverage is consistent, maintaining great relationships in her community and working with referrers to enroll only eligible patients. “I know the patient’s that we are enrolling are meeting all the right requirements. We haven’t had any issues,” she added.

What Elaine values most is the extra coverage her patients receive. “I get alerts for any drug interactions that are discovered through our CCM services, and can immediately let the doctor know. It’s nice to get these and make sure that what we’ve selected is what we truly desire for a patient. I never really had that before, nothing got automatically flagged in our system and it’s been a significant help to keep an extra eye on our patients.”

“I’ve been able to hand patient’s their care plans and print them up for them as well, a lot of them are really positive about that,” Elaine said. “We’ve worked out a system that makes it easy for us to discuss chronic care with our patients and add it to our daily workflow.”

The benefits extend beyond their patients as well. For the practice, billable codes associated with Chronic Care services are a new source of income. “We haven’t had any issues billing even from the start, it hasn’t been an issue whatsoever,” Elaine commented. “I have my template and add my diagnosis to patient charts, it is a simple process. It takes maybe an extra minute, if that, to add to our billing cycle.”

Elaine’s practice “did their homework” in order to answer patient questions on the CCM program before implementation. She’s also had the DAS Health team easily accessible both during and after implementation. “It’s easy to ask questions, all of our questions are addressed and very well covered. Everything was set up for us. We can even use this for MIPS reporting, which is a big plus.”

Elaine knows her practice is ahead of the game when it comes to chronic care. “I don’t know of any specialists in our area doing it, even the primary care physicians are very limited,” she said, “it really is going very well for us thanks to DAS Health.”