The DAS RCM Division’s transparency and results have proven to me that being ‘local’ is only a mindset.

Jeffrey Lake MD


For Dr. Lake’s practice, comfort and transparency are key when it comes to great Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) billing services.

With DAS Health Dr. Lake feels he has the trust and support necessary to succeed. “Working with DAS has been extremely beneficial for our practice, we are doing better now than we ever have been before,” he said, “DAS has been a great partner to work with.”

In the last year, Dr. Lake’s practice revenue has increased 4.3% and is on track for his highest grossing quarter ever. Since coming on board with DAS Dr. Lake’s over 90 days in account receivable (AR) has decreased by more than $50,000, now just 2% of his total AR.

Dr. Lake’s biggest concern before signing off on DAS’ billing solution was transparency - especially with DAS’ team located in a different city and state from his practice. Now, even though DAS’ team isn’t local, he’s confident in the service he receives. “Even though we’re across the country from our billers, we have an excellent comfort level and that’s a big part of RCM,” he notes, “Trust is essential, especially when your billing is done off site.”

Part of Dr. Lake’s comfort comes from the constant communication and accessibility of the DAS billing team. “We talk to our lead biller every week,” he said, “it has been so helpful and she’s always accessible even if we need to get in touch outside of our general meeting time. She’s been a great asset to us.”

“The case for having someone in house is that it’s easy to look over their shoulder,” Dr. Lake noted, “but you don’t have the expertise or back up that you receive with a billing provider like DAS. Inherent in the billing industry is turnover, and it is a very specialized type of work. One of the other benefits of an off-site billing team is that you have someone to be the backup and jump in. When you have turnover in your own office it is much harder to weather those changes and find a replacement.”

For Dr. Lake, working with a company like DAS has been the right choice. “We’re very happy with the service we’ve received, and the constant contact and transparency has alleviated any concerns we had. Even with a three-hour time difference between us, DAS’ billing team has always been there.”