It's a way for us to reach across the exam room and connect with our patients

John Ibrahim MD

Family Medicine

“assessURhealth™ makes it so much easier to remove the bias that can sometimes be associated with face-to-face exams.” Prior to assessURhealth, Dr. Ibrahim always had concerns about the effectiveness of verbally administering mental health assessments. “…so much can vary when you’re doing a face-to-face exam, and this can affect the results. From the way that you ask the question, to your tone, to your body language, even your presence alone … all of these things can affect the way that a patient answers. At the same time, the way that you interpret the answers a patient gives you based on their tone and their body language, can also have an impact on the results of the assessment,” stated Dr. Ibrahim.
As a tablet-based assessment, assessURhealth not only removes the pressures of an oral exam, but it also allows for more efficient documentation. “Being able to have the information in the online portal makes it so much easier,” said Dr. Ibrahim. “Not only this, but it allows you to see the reported results over a period of time. That way, you can see developments or regressions in their mental health more clearly.” The documentation and reporting that assessURhealth provides allows clinicians to see the progression of mental health over time, giving them a more holistic view of their patients.
A little over a year after implementation, Dr. Ibrahim and his team have integrated assessURhealth into their workflow in a way that works for them. But, it took some time, and trust in the DAS Team to get them there. “In the beginning, I definitely had my reservations about letting someone into my computer system.” However, after working with the DAS implementation team, it was clear to the team at Trinity Doctors Group that being able to upload the results from the portal right into their EMR would seamlessly integrate assessURhealth into their workflow.
Their successful implementation of assessURhealth led to $25,000 of new revenue over the past year and consistent documentation for their patients. “…now, what we have developed for our practice is great, it’s a great fit for us.” As a physician, Dr. Ibrahim feels that the simple 5-minute assessment is one of the more important things a doctor can do for their patients. “I highly recommend assessURhealth to my colleagues … It’s a way that we can reach across the exam room and connect with our patients. And while the revenue benefits of this product are certainly great, to me the connection is the most valuable benefit.”