The difference is just night and day.

Kelly Ancona


For Kelly Ancona, Office Manager for David D. Tran, M.D., LLC, DAS Health has been the billing partner the practice didn’t know they needed. When existing vendors weren’t meeting Dr. Tran’s needs, DAS Health was brought in to replace their revenue cycle management services, adding government incentives assistance in the process and immediately improving the practice’s income.

When Kelly’s office switched to DAS Health for their revenue cycle management (RCM), it took a little coaxing. “Our Account Manager Brittany worked with Dr. Tran for two months before making the switch. We thought our old billing company was doing a good job – we never realized how much we were missing out on,” Kelly recalls.

Dr. Tran’s practice has immediately seen those missing results with DAS’ RCM. In just their first month with DAS, collections increased by 270% and claims billed by the practice more than doubled.

With DAS Health’s RCM team, Kelly sees better billing, better communication and better results. “The RCM team has a call with us every Monday to ensure we are on the same page. This past week they let us know we were using outdated codes and we weren’t even aware of it,” Kelly noted, “with our previous company they couldn’t even tell me what insurance companies owed us. When I asked about a code they used they would answer that it wasn’t their role to teach me billing coding.”

“The difference is just night and day,” Kelly said of DAS’ services. Kelly notes that Dr. Tran, the practice physician, is just as impressed. “Dr. Tran has been very receptive to the change, when RCM has new information for us I take it to Dr. Tran and he’s consistently impressed – I was already impressed.”

Kelly’s transition to DAS Health’s RCM services was seamless, with an exceptional support and account management team. “None of this would have been possible without Brittany,” Kelly emphasized, “She went above and beyond her job duties to help us and she’s still helping, even after implementation. Even when I ask her the same questions over and over again she’s been so helpful.”

It’s not just RCM services that DAS Health has offered, but Government Incentives assistance as well. “I don’t think we were even able to attest last year and didn’t meet qualifications that we should have,” Kelly said, “the team at DAS has been a tremendous help letting us know what we need to do to succeed and getting us where we need to be so we can attest this year.”

Kelly plans to continue using DAS Health’s solution offerings as well. “There are a couple of things we thought we could do ourselves, but there’s no reason to,” Kelly said, “DAS is so good at what they do. It’s worth everything we pay for what DAS does for us.”

“Because DAS Health has introduced us to all this, we now see the benefits. Dr. Tran and I are so appreciative,” Kelly emphasized, “I couldn’t do it without the team at DAS Health.”

Collections and claims data based on all available RCM reports.