Excellent, prompt service

Magan Bakarania, MD


Dr. Bakarania has been practicing cardiology at Brandon Cardiology Clinic for the last 30 years. The challenges of managing and storing charts were two of the main reasons that led Brandon Cardiology to purchase an EHR system.

In selecting the right EHR provider, one of the most important things to Dr. Bakarania was having a trainer who would work with him until he was comfortable with the system. “At my age, when you have computer-phobia, you need someone patient who can teach you”, says Dr. Bakarania. “The DAS staff has been very patient in teaching us! Within a month or two I was able to pick up all the tools and use them easily – it’s a very user-friendly system.”

After using the system for just six months, Dr. Bakarania says, “It has made my practice very easy. I’m able to write letters and send them by fax to primary care physicians on the same day. It doesn’t take longer. I don’t spend more time in my practice than I used to.” On top of all that, “the service provided is excellent, and the staff is very prompt and very friendly.”

Brandon Cardiology Clinic was converted to Aprima from a fully paper-based scheduling and charting system.

It's made things so much easier

Adithya K. Gandhi, MD


It's a business decision

E. J. Sanchez, MD, FACC