Charts were swallowing me

Mark Leitner, DPM


Dr. Leitner, a Podiatrist at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists, will tell you, “Before DAS, I never had a vendor that came close to doing what they said they were going to do. 98% of vendors don’t do what they say they are going to do. DAS is part of the 2%. They speak the truth in making their claims. The claims they make about support are 100% accurate and not just a smokescreen.”

During the first 2 weeks of being live on the system, “Our trainer went above and beyond,” says Dr. Leitner, “She wouldn’t let me leave until I was comfortable getting started with the system. She continues to come back and help us. She’s like a cheerleader for the office, encouraging us to do a good job.” It was challenging at first "to not walk in with an actual paper chart in my hand was difficult, but now I can’t imagine it any other way," says Dr. Leitner.

After being on the system for more than a year now, Dr. Leitner says, "Learning how to use a computer while practicing is a very different way of practicing. At first you feel less hands on. Now I’m with patients more than I ever was because I use my assistants to document, enter prescriptions, and referrals while I’m focused on the patient." Dr. Leitner has four medical assistants (MAs) who take patient histories and vitals using laptop computers, then stay in the room during the exam and record the physician's findings on the spot.

Aprima’s template-free design follows the flow of an exam. The MAs document the chief complaint, history of present illness, medical and social histories, and vitals. When the doctor comes in and begins the review of systems, the MA can easily follow along and chart in real time.

“We’ve designed the exam in Aprima to suit what we do. It’s broken down into systems: constitutional, circulatory, musculoskeletal, and so on. Entries in the drop-down menus for things like diagnoses, drugs, and procedures are organized so that the ones we use most often are at the top of the list,” Dr. Leitner explains.

When Dr. Leitner walks out of the exam room, 98% of his notes are done. He reviews the chart later to correct or add information, but that doesn’t take long. “It’s a load off my shoulders,” says Dr. Leitner, “Before Aprima, I felt like charts were swallowing me. I felt like charts were endless.” Now, instead of spending 90 minutes every evening and 2 hours every weekend working on charts, Dr. Leitner goes home on time and empty- handed.

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists was converted to Aprima from Office Hours Professional Scheduler.