Nick Galantino, CEO


Nicholas Galantino, CEO of LoCicero Medical Group, was looking for a product to bring a focus on mental and behavioral health not only to patients but also to the group’s care teams.  With assessURhealth™, he found the perfect tool to identify, engage and develop a new emphasis on behavioral health.

“assessURhealth has helped open the dialogue on topics we’ve historically avoided at the primary care level,” Nick shared. “One of our goals has been to embed behavioral health in our practice, hiring a mental health counselor as well, and the timing of DAS Health bringing assessURhealth to the table was perfect.”

With the addition of assessURhealth, LoCicero Medical Group has been able to better identify and engage with patients through the screenings. “Using this tool to screen and identify people who would have gone under the radar before has helped from the business perspective as well as with quality of care. We’ve been able to provide an extra level of care patients’ didn’t get at our practice prior to using this product.”

It’s not just the patients that have benefited from assessURhealth, but the providers as well. “I’ve had a couple conversations with our primary care doctors and nurse practitioners who have felt accomplished because they were able to identify someone suffering from mild depression who otherwise didn’t seek help or express it,” Nick emphasized.

For LoCicero Medical Group, the headway that their new mental health counselor has made has been a key part of assessURhealth’s success. “Our mental health counselor shared with me that he’s finally making headway, and that the staff is interacting with him and discussing problems in the mental health sphere the same as any other patient concern,” Nick said. The ability to easily identify and start discussions about behavioral health issues is a major benefit to the product, according to Nick.

Since launching assessURhealth at the end of January 2017, the group has already seen results. “Aside from the clinical aspect, the surveys make it easy to fill the requirements for depression and alcohol screenings, and we’re really off to a good start,” Nick said. “We have seen an increase in overall bottom line, and in March alone saw $20,000 worth of income just from the product’s surveys.”

From day one, Nick says DAS Health has been there every step of the way to get the product off the ground. “DAS Health did an amazing job with the implementation for us; DAS came out, spent a day in the clinic and sat one-on-one with our providers and medical assistants to walk through the product. Their support was a huge piece to getting that initial implementation inertia.”

Nick knows that many add-on products do not get the support they need, and he didn’t want assessURhealth to become one of the them. “If we don’t get the support, these products just sit in a corner and collect dust. DAS went the extra mile to make sure that didn’t happen.”

“Most importantly, it’s a good product and we are at the front of the curve in the trend for primary care physicians to focus on mental health,” Nick emphasized. “If I look at a thousand patients, 90% of them have diagnosable behavioral health issues. This product will help us build up consciousness in our practice with regard to these issues. There is definite clinical value here and assessURhealth has helped us embed behavioral health into our primary care team.”


About LoCicero Medical Group

LoCicero Medical Group is a multi-specialty clinic serving patients in the heart of South Tampa’s Hyde Park neighborhood since 1988. The practice offers a clinic, diagnostic center, medication dispensary, medical spa, infusion center, AADE-accredited Diabetes Education Program and COLA-accredited laboratory in a single location. LoCicero is a recognized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).