assessURhealth really helps to augment patient care.

Richard Gayles, MD

Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Gayles of Lake Nona Medical Arts knows how important early identification is. He knows that having the right tools can make a world of difference for both patients and providers – that’s why he chose assessURhealth™, a mental and behavioral health screening application that has made an immediate impact in Dr. Gayles practice.

“Being a pain management specialist, it is critically important that we have tools to screen patients and stratify risks for us.” Dr. Gayles said of the product. “We have to figure out who is high risk and get patients help. This tool lets us do that; it really helps to augment patient care.”

The assessURhealth™ product allows Dr. Gayles to receive objective information from patients self-completed questionnaires, scoring health risk for a number of mental and behavioral health needs, including opioid risk and alcohol misuse risk. “In the field of chronic pain there’s a high degree of undiagnosed depression or anxiety, as well as patients with high risk for substance abuse. With assessURhealth™ they are flagged right off the bat and it allows us to have a frank and open conversation.”

Not only are patients’ risks identified, Dr. Gayles feels patients are more receptive to recommendations as well. “If patients realize there is an objective measure that identifies these issues, it is easier for them to take your advice and comply with recommendations,” he notes.

assessURhealth™ offers screening tools to primary care, family practice and specialty physicians, integrating into patient’s routine with a simple self-completed screening tool offered on pre-loaded iPads®. Dr. Gayles has seen the difference early identification can make, purchasing the assessURhealth™ product even though he is not eligible for reimbursement.

One of the biggest benefits Dr. Gayles saw with assessURhealth™ was the instant impact it had on his patient interactions. “I have been able to ask my patients the right questions – this tool lights up high risk, and lets me know immediately to have a conversation, telling a patient their test came back high risk,” Dr. Gayles notes, “I’ve had these discussions right out of the box when our practice just opened up. It has really improved quality of care.”


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