DAS was with us every step of the way.

Scott LaBohn, D.P.M.


A graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia and board-certified podiatric surgeon, Dr. Scott LaBohn has been practicing podiatry with the Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay for more than 15 years. Ankle + Foot Center have locations in four counties in the Tampa Bay area, with more than a dozen physicians providing the full spectrum of podiatric care.

Transitioning from Paper

As a large group practice, Ankle + Foot Center realized that traditional paper charts were ineffective at documenting day-to-day clinical and administrative activities.

“We felt that moving to an EHR was the next step for a practice of our size,” said Dr. LaBohn. “We couldn’t track what we needed to track as far as productivity or what insurance companies were requesting from us with just paper charts. We needed a computer system, and we needed an EHR.”

After careful evaluation, the committee tasked with vetting EHR providers concluded that the Aprima EHR and PM system backed by Doctors Administrative Solutions was the right choice for Ankle + Foot Center.

Culture of Customer Service

“Transitioning to an EHR is difficult, especially for a practice of our size,” said Dr. LaBohn. “However, DAS was with us every step of the way. There were ups and downs, but they rode through it with us until everything ran smoothly.”

This level of customer service is something that Dr. LaBohn notes is not customary with all EHR providers.

“I can’t speak directly about other companies, but I have read internet sites where people say that they’ve had trouble with support, and companies have folded and haven’t been around for them,” he said. “We haven’t experienced that with DAS. They really have made themselves available like they said they would.”

Ankle + Foot Center has also improved its collections, partnering with DAS for its RCM and medical billing services.

Improved Efficiency

In July 2011, Ankle + Foot Center went live with the Aprima software at all of its offices. One year into the transition, Dr. LaBohn notes that the software has allowed him and his colleagues to be more efficient, better doctors while also increasing the productivity and profitability of the practice as a whole.

“I think the software has been great for our staff as well,” he adds. “They are able to input medical histories and change medications, and I think this makes them feel more a part of our team.”

Ankle + Foot Center of Tampa Bay was converted to Aprima from Sage (now Vitera).