For Security Risk Services, It doesn't get any better than this.

Shelia Morley


For Shelia Morley, Office Manager at Savannah Rheumatology, working with DAS Health (DAS) has made such a difference for her practice. “I’ve heard from my colleagues and their experiences, and I know that in rheumatology it doesn’t get any better than this. DAS has been there for us night and day.”

Savannah Rheumatology Associates has partnered on their EHR software solutions since 2012. When they needed help with their HIPAA required security risk assessment (SRA), Shelia knew turning to DAS Health was the right choice.

“When we did our security risk piece last year, I had someone complete the process internally. When we went to do this year’s, our staff felt that they weren’t qualified to do it the way that it’s expected to meet HIPAA requirements. It was a tense time for us. I tried someone else internally and couldn’t find the right person for the job.”

“As we got closer to the deadline, I decided to do what I do for everything else – I called DAS. I didn’t even know what they could do for me at the time, but as soon as I explained the situation they were ready and willing to help.”

Now, Shelia is an avid cheerleader for DAS’ SRA services. “When I first called the security assessment provider, they were amazing. The woman who answered my call held my hand through the whole set up process, step by step. Before I called, I wasn’t sure that I was prepared for this. I was losing sleep over it. Instead, she went through every single question with me, every single click. I was so impressed and relieved.”

With DAS’ solution, Shelia receives easy to adapt templates for her own HIPAA policies as well as a simple system to make sure her staff are meeting all requirements. Most important to Shelia, she’s getting to learn more about her own practice’s needs than ever before. “I’ve taken point on this project instead of delegating to my staff because I want to learn more and see this through. I actually want to work with them, and that’s an amazing feeling.”

Even before implementing new SRA services, Shelia knew to expect nothing but excellence from DAS. “DAS really will hold your hand, and you just don’t get that personal support from anybody nowadays.”

Shelia says DAS has really helped her practice to thrive. “It becomes harder and harder every day to be successful as a solo practice,” she notes, “It’s been great to be able to say that I’m partnered with a group that has been there and that helps me to stay ahead of things. With DAS, I actually feel like they’re another part of the staff just down the hall.”

“Working with DAS has raised the bar, and I expect other vendors and partners we work with to meet this same standard now,” Shelia emphasized, “I would absolutely recommend these services to another provider.”