I didn't have confidence in billing internally anymore.

Walid Azzo, MD


Switching his billing services to DAS Health wasn’t easy for Dr. Azzo, but he knew he was making the right choice to improve his revenue and gain the expertise of DAS’ Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team.

“I became aware of the need for change when I noticed several issues in my office,” Dr. Azzo recalled, “over the course of 6 months my AR kept going up, up, up – we weren’t following up on billings and denials and I didn’t have confidence in billing internally anymore.”

Dr. Azzo first looked to hire on a biller, but didn’t feel he had the right pool of talent to choose from. “I didn’t feel like I could find someone who was really good at what I needed and lived in my area,” he notes, “there’s also time needed to train someone the way you want, along with asking yourself if you hired the right person and if they are going to work better than the previous situation.”

“I’ve been in practice since ’94, and I’ve always done my own billing. I have gathered a lot of confidence and business sense as a solo practitioner,” Dr. Azzo emphasized, “but my Account Manager at DAS Health is the reason that I switched. I’ve developed a lot of confidence and trust in DAS Health, and felt very comfortable going through this change.”

Dr. Azzo uses DAS Health’s Certified PM/EHR technology, and joined the DAS family as part of a 2016 acquisition. “I’ve noticed that since DAS took over, I’ve felt like I was able to get things done easier and quicker – everyone is very responsive and helpful, the entire staff is very customer-oriented and always answers my questions promptly.”

He cites DAS’ customer focus as one of the main reasons he felt comfortable making the change with his RCM services. “I was impressed that David, DAS’ CEO, called me - that was very indicative of DAS and their values. I feel like the DAS team works for me, not for just their company. Without that you kind of lose your confidence.”

Dr. Azzo jumped the fence to DAS’ RCM services in February, and has already noticed a 5-10% increase in RCM revenue. His AR was immediately worked back under control, and DAS has helped to work not just new accounts but old ones as well. Dr. Azzo feels his revenue and days AR will only improve as he continues with DAS’ services.

Along with a dedicated team of Claims & Denials Specialists, Dr. Azzo finds DAS custom RCM reports and constant communication helpful as well. “The reports are very useful,” he notes, “especially when DAS isn’t in my office here, they are learning with me and their emails are great communication.”

“I feel very comfortable working with DAS, it’s not easy as a solo practitioner to make changes without as many people to bounce ideas off of, but everyone at DAS has been very helpful,” Dr. Azzo concluded, “I have confidence in the DAS team.”