Dr. Hun Kang

Primary Care

Dr. Hun Kang knows how complicated and convoluted reporting attestations have become. “I used to do attestations on my own,” he noted, “but as time has passed it’s become really complicated.”

That’s why Dr. Kang turned to DAS Health’s government incentives MACRA and MIPS professional services. “DAS knows government incentives better than anyone – they’ve helped us identify what we need to achieve and how to implement and meet requirements we wouldn’t have been able to hit otherwise,” Dr. Kang said.

Before utilizing reporting assistance, Dr. Kang took advantage of DAS’ security risk assessment services. “Because of DAS I was able to attest and avoid a penalty. This is a very complicated requirement, I don’t think it would have been easy on my own,” Dr. Kang said, “I’m very relieved, I made the right choice to work with DAS to get my security risk done.”

Now, with DAS' MACRA and MIPS Professional Services, Dr. Kang gets regular reports and guided assistance to best meet incentive requirements. “We get a grade for how the practice is doing and where we need to improve, it’s very helpful to know where they are at,” he stated, “There’s so many changes and issues with meeting these requirements. When I ask a question, DAS knows what I’m talking about and can tell me if I am right or wrong. This makes it an excellent company to consult with.”

Attesting with DAS Health in 2016, Dr. Kang avoided the 3 percent negative payment adjustment in 2018 as well as improved his PQRS and value-based modifier program performance to receive payment incentives.

Dr. Kang has seen the benefit of having an outside resource as well. “As my staff changes, DAS is a constant. I rely on DAS as a more permanent resource for my team to keep the practice on the right track.”

“The bottom line is that doctors don’t have time to be doing more than doctoring,” Dr. Kang emphasized, “There are things that we aren’t always good at, and it is well worth it to leave it to a professional who has the expertise.”

DAS’ assistance has allowed Dr. Kang to maximize incentives and avoid penalties on multiple occasions, including support to submit a hardship letter for the 2015 reporting period. Getting personalized recommendations from a knowledgeable team has made a world of difference for Dr. Kang and his practice.

“I would recommend this service to any of my colleagues. They may not know that there is help out there to avoid penalties instead of just taking them,” Dr. Kang concluded, “For those doctors, I would say to let DAS guide you through the process.”