Revenue Cycle Management RCM White Paper

03/14/2018 Source: DAS Health

RCM Revenue Cycle Management Outsourced Billing White Paper | DAS Health

96% of medical providers think their current billing practices are inefficient.* If your practice is falling victim to inefficient Revenue Cycle Management billing, you could be losing significant dollars and vital time.

Outsourced Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services can solve many common problems with internal billing, including difficulty with denial management, challenges collecting patient payments, and more. Through a full team of qualified billers, RCM companies can help to manage multiple issues in a single call with payers, identify the root of denials to improve future claims, and help check claims for errors.

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*Statistic from Black Book “Accelerating Number of Physicians Select Outsourced RCM Services to Align Clinical & Financial Outcomes, Shows Black Book Survey on Value-Based Care Prep”