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Why Technology Investment is Crucial for Senior Living Communities

Senior living tech spending has skyrocketed in the months and years since COVID. And, as the senior living industry continues to evolve, operators and owners face numerous challenges in meeting the evolving needs and expectations of their residents. With these changes in technology as a focus – IT support for these updates should go hand-in-hand. In this era of digital transformation, investing in information technology (IT) has emerged as a crucial driver of success. According to industry research and statistics, the strategic allocation of resources towards IT support, infrastructure, and cybersecurity is imperative for senior living communities to thrive in the coming years. 

Enhancing Operational Efficiency 

Implementing IT solutions can significantly improve operational efficiency in senior living communities. According to a recent Ziegler CFO Hotline spending survey published by LeadingAge, 40% of respondents now offer technology support, up from 29% two years prior. Executives believe that technology adoption is essential to increasing efficiency and reducing costs in their communities. Integrated software systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and automated billing platforms, can streamline administrative tasks and minimize manual errors, resulting in time and cost savings. 

Empowering Resident Engagement

Investing in IT infrastructure enables senior living communities to enhance resident engagement and connectivity. A study by AARP found that 90% of adults aged 50 and older use technology to stay connected. By providing robust Wi-Fi networks and digital platforms, communities can facilitate virtual communication between residents and their families, reducing feelings of isolation and improving overall resident satisfaction.

Enabling Remote Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of remote healthcare in senior living communities. According to the McKinsey & Company, the adoption of telehealth services increased significantly during the pandemic. This shift allowed residents to receive medical care remotely, reducing the risk of exposure to infectious diseases and providing convenience for both residents and healthcare professionals. 

Strengthening Cybersecurity

It should come as no surprise, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for senior living communities due to the sensitive resident data they handle. Significant and negatively impactful data breaches in the healthcare industry have happened for a long time. The implementation of cybersecurity measures, such as encryption, multifactor authentication, and employee training, is crucial to protect resident privacy and maintain regulatory compliance. 

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Keeping Pace with Industry Trends

Technology is rapidly transforming the senior living industry. Surveys conducted by Senior Housing News revealed that senior living professionals believe technology will play a significant role in shaping the future of the industry. This was shown by the undeniable jump in spending since the pandemic. For instance, artificial intelligence-powered care management systems can predict and prevent health issues. Additionally, IoT devices enable remote monitoring and personalized care. By investing in IT, senior living communities can adapt to these emerging trends and remain competitive in the evolving landscape. 

Enhancing operational efficiency, empowering resident engagement, enabling remote healthcare, strengthening cybersecurity, and keeping pace with industry trends are all vital for the long-term success and sustainability of senior living communities. 

The statistics and research findings clearly highlight the importance of investing in IT support, infrastructure, and cybersecurity for senior living operators and owners. Enhancing operational efficiency, empowering resident engagement, enabling remote healthcare, strengthening cybersecurity, and keeping pace with industry trends are all vital for the long-term success and sustainability of senior living communities. By allocating resources towards IT investments, you can position your community for growth. This also can ensure improved resident satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the evolving senior living market. 

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