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Taking Control of Your Practices Care Guidelines

Check out this webinar where we explore how NextGen’s Care Guidelines can significantly enhance your clinical staff’s decision-making regarding patient care.

Discover how you can optimize this powerful NextGen Enterprise feature to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your healthcare services.


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Mastering MIPS Quality Measure Scoring Using CMS Benchmarks

Unravel the secrets behind quality measure benchmarks and specifications by learning how to calculate your quality measure score with ease. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities the quality category for your practice.

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Beyond the Basics: Five KPIs to Measure your Practice’s Financial Health Using NextGen PM

Join us as we delve into comprehensive insights on harnessing NextGen’s reporting tools more efficiently and effectively. Our expert team will guide you through a curated selection of essential PM reports and demonstrate advanced techniques to elevate your practice operations and financial management.

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Updated Cybersecurity Performance Goals - Things You Need To Know

Cybersecurity goals for healthcare organizations are constantly changing, making it crucial to stay informed as standards evolve. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) aids the healthcare sector in adjusting to cyber threats with voluntary Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs).

Watch our webinar, “Updated Cybersecurity Performance Goals – What You Need To Know,” for further insights.

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Simplify Generating Medical Records On-Demand from NextGen

Are your staff spending too much time creating, copying, printing, and organizing patient charts for medical record requests? Do you notice an increase in these requests? Simplify this process with ChartGuard OnDemand for NextGen®.

Watch this webinar to see how automating medical record requests and chart generation can benefit your organization.

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Navigating a Cybersecurity Crisis: Insights from the Change Healthcare Incident

The Change Healthcare Cyberattack disrupted physician practices nationwide, affecting billing, care authorization, prescription timelines, and provider revenues.

Watch our webinar, “Navigating a Cybersecurity Crisis: Insights from Change Healthcare,” where DAS Health experts delve into this incident.

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Navigating Change Healthcare Outage: NextGen Updates and Recommendations

In this insightful webinar we address the recent Change Healthcare outage and its implications for healthcare providers. We provide a comprehensive update on the outage and delve into the background of what occurred. Our expert consultants from DAS Health share NextGen specific updates, ensuring that you’re equipped with the latest information relevant to your practice.

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Streamline and Automate the Processing of Unapplied Money, Credit Balances, Refunds and Deposit Money

In this webinar we will discuss how RefundManager and Unapplied & Deposit Manager are both unique and powerful NextGen® Add-On Products that will simplify and optimize the processing of credits, refunds and unapplied money within your organization.

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Simplifying Charge Entry for Specialty Medical Practices with Multiple Encounter BillingManager™ for NextGen®

In our webinar, discover how Multiple Encounter BillingManager™ streamlines charge entry and billing for specialty practices, tackling the complexities of handling multiple charges per patient visit. Watch now to explore this innovative NextGen® Add-On Product.

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