Do Doctors Spend Too Much Time on EHRs? Patients Don’t Think So

14 Nov 2017 | SOURCE: Healthcare IT News
60 Percent of Patients Think Doctors Spend the right amount of time on their EHR | DAS Health

Given the concerns about electronic health records distracting clinicians and inhibiting their ability to make eye contact with patients during office visits, the consensus has been that doctors waste precious time on EHRs. But new research suggests fewer patients feel that way than one might expect.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean they believe EHRs make care safer.

Sixty percent of respondents answered “no” when asked if clinicians spend too much time on a computer during the typical appointment, according to HealtheLink, a health information exchange in Buffalo, NY.

HealtheLink conducted the survey among 1,000 patients, and hospital and IT executives around the country can learn from the results about perceptions of EHRs and patients portals.

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Then there is the question of whether EHRs improve patient safety: 51 percent indicated that they believe using the software makes healthcare safer but the rest is divided into 18 percent who said electronic records actually make healthcare less safe and 24 percent answered that the software has no impact either way.

Whereas 90 percent of patients are aware that their clinicians use electronic health records and 72 percent know their primary care doctor has a patient portal, 41 percent have used the portal.

Finally, to the broad question of whether electronic access is good for healthcare 82 percent answered in the affirmative with 58 percent saying “yes” and 24 percent giving a “strongly yes” answer. And HealtheLink said that particular statistic spans all the demographic and age groups it surveyed.

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