Chronic Care Management

Your partner for better chronic care management.

Gain revenue and get your patients the chronic care they need with our Chronic Care Management (CCM) services.

You’ll receive ready-made documentation and regular reports allowing you to bill for chronic care services, while your patients receive regular check-in calls monitoring their health, satisfaction and engagement.

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Chronic conditions account for 86% of all healthcare expenditures, and 68% of Medicare beneficiaries have two or more chronic conditions. CMS’ focus on chronic care management means your practice can take advantage of billable codes while improving care for the substantial number of patients who qualify.

Chronic Care Service with the DAS Health Difference


For Your Patients

  • Minimum 20 minutes of patient-centered services each month
  • Better communication and satisfaction
  • Patient-specific educational information on condition management

For Your Practice

  • Tracking and documentation of all chronic care services
  • Immediate reports and updates after every patient check-in call
  • Ability to bill for chronic care


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