Chronic Care Management

Treating patients with chronic conditions is hard to manage. Consequently, that’s where our Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services come in.

If your practice is like most, you see a large number of patients with two or more chronic conditions. In fact, 68% of Medicare patients fit this description. However, as with any patient, your goal is to help your patients get healthier and improve their standard of living. This is tough when your patient requires additional support you may not have the resources to provide.

What is Chronic Care Management?

CCM was introduced by the Center’s for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) in 2015. Chronic care management services allow patients with two or more chronic conditions to receive additional care and support on a monthly basis. Further, this care includes 20+ monthly minutes of non face-to-face care services. In addition to comprehensive care planning, CCM provides access to new resources.

So, for each patient that receive additional support, providers receive an additional $62 per patient, per month. Further, there’s a possible $141 per month, or more, for complex chronic patients. Not only are providers able to make more money with CCM services, they also improve patient care and reduce healthcare spending. Most important, chronic conditions currently account for 86% of all healthcare expenditures – a number already proven to be reduced through the CCM program.

Even better, participating in the Chronic Care Management Billing program fulfills MIPS requirements for the Improvement Activities category. Subsequently, this adds to your practice’s ability to meet incentive requirements and avoid penalties.

Your CCM Partner

You have a finite amount of time and resources available to you. Partnering with a Chronic Care Management program lets you provide your patients the care they need, the additional support to better manage their conditions, and the ability to bill for CCM. And all of this without taking your staff’s time or resources.

As a physician, the benefits for patients enrolled in chronic care management are clear. However, for the average practice, setting up the system to meet CCM program requirements is where things can get tricky. In short, that’s where DAS Health comes in!

We provide your practice with ready-made documentation and regular reports. This allows you to confidently meet all requirements to bill for chronic care. As a result, your patients receive ongoing check-ins and calls to monitor their health condition, level of satisfaction, and to keep them engaged in their own care management.

Chronic Care Services Requirements

One of the biggest obstacles that prevents medical practices from engaging in these programs are the inherent requirements for reimbursement. Some of these requirements include:

  • An established care team
  • A thorough care plan
  • 24/7 access to clinical staff
  • Coordination with clinical providers
  • 20+ monthly minutes of non face-to-face care coordination

At DAS Health, we don’t just provide the framework for this system. Rather, we provide an out-of-the-box Chronic Care program that allows you to enroll your patients and immediately start offering care options and increasing your reimbursements.

Chronic Care Management CCM Services with the DAS Health Difference

Chronic Care Management Services and DAS Health

Adding chronic care management may seem overwhelming, but with DAS Health as your partner, you never have to worry. We’ll help you keep up with program requirements.