Managed Healthcare IT Support

In any industry, keeping up with technology changes is important to success. As a result, healthcare IT support advances like electronic health records, cloud hosting and security software are not just part of life – they are critical pieces of physician’s ability to care for their patients.

With more and more regulations governing how and what type of technology doctors need to have – particularly with growing cyberthreats – managing your technology needs isn’t optional.

Some software and hardware can be managed in-house. However, making sure your practice has the right technology and right security protections takes industry expertise. DAS Health techs are security experts, help desk experts, engineering experts, and most of all, we’re customer service experts.

Our Healthcare IT Support is designed to meet all HIPAA requirements. Moreover, our systems optimize your EHR/PM software to your needs.

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What does outsourced Healthcare IT do for me?

When it comes to managing your practice, DAS Health believes one thing above all else: doctors should have the
freedom to focus on being doctors.

That’s why we offer IT services that take the workload off your shoulders. Rather than trying to use local ‘geek squad’ IT support, or building an in-house team, why not leverage the expertise of those who already know the industry inside and out? When you work with the professionals at DAS Health for your IT management, you don’t just get the best and most secure computer technology. You get a lifelong partner who is there to help you utilize that technology in the most efficient way.

Even better, you can save your practice money by using an outsourced IT vendor like DAS Health. 63% of organizations that switched to managed IT services reduced their IT costs by more than 25%. By reducing costly spend on unnecessary software or upkeep, and getting only the systems and hardware you need, your practice will save money in the long run.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

We don’t just believe in reactive support. We work to make sure your systems never go down in the first place with enterprise-level security suites, continually monitoring your system and stopping cyberattacks in their tracks.

Our security suite features seven-layer protection, detection software for ransomware and malware intrusion, and much, much more. With the right tools, your practice can avoid being taken down by cyberattacks that have affected even the largest healthcare providers. It’s estimated that just one hour of downtime can cost your practice $488 – that’s almost $4,000 a day if your system goes down.

Keeping Your Practice HIPAA Compliant with Managed Healthcare IT Support

Providing healthcare IT services means that DAS Health meets even the most stringent HIPAA requirements. We design all systems to provide a HIPAA-compliant configuration, ensuring that your patient records remain secure and protected.

Whether it’s updating your existing system to provide this level of security or designing a brand new one, we understand how important compliance is to the continued operation of your practice.

We work with each individual practice and design a plan that’s right for you. Your practice is unique, so your systems should be too.

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Our Certified MSP Managed IT Services Team offers CompTIA, Microsoft, Dell, Sophos, Datto and more technical expertise | DAS Health

Here are just a few of the certifications our individual team members hold:

The Right Managed Healthcare IT Support

Every medical organization is utilizing technology in every facet of clinical patient care. As a doctor, you want the best for your patients. As a business owner, you want the best for your practice. In short, you need a partner who will provide the right tools with the right protection and compliance to help you succeed.

Since 2003, DAS Health has been a dedicated partner to both independent practices and large physician groups. We provide the custom-tailored and detail-oriented attention your office needs. If you want secure technology and a team committed to making sure your system is running at its best, talk to the Healthcare IT Service experts: DAS Health.

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