Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Billing

RCM Services for Less Hassle, More Money.

Our billing experts know how to increase reimbursements, reduce rejected claims, and work together for a comprehensive solution that lets our clients rest easy. We work to simplify your billing processes – keeping you in the know from start to finish. With over 200 years of collective billing experience, you’ll get access to a full team of qualified claims and denials specialists focused on you.

With DAS’ Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) billing services, the Practice Management and EHR program are included at no additional cost, with the ability to include features like Patient Portal, lab integration and direct secure messaging. It’s the easiest, most all-inclusive upgrade around.

Your Billing Experts

Let our billers take the load off of your shoulders. With DAS Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, our experienced, certified billing and collection experts maintain first-pass clean claim rates over 98% and handle over $150 million annual medical billing. We see to it that your claims are processed efficiently and your payments reach you faster.

Smart Systems, Simple Rules

Increase your reimbursements and reduce rejected claims, with built-in features like: E&M coding advisor, live charge capture, fully integrated EDI with instant claim scrubbing and real time auto-adjustment, as well as automated collections management and payment reminders. Recognize the benefits of simplifying your revenue cycle process right out of the box.

Better Support and Control

We're here to help you maximize revenue and stay in control of your financial success. You see what we see, and can track your claims, manage payments, and customize financial reports - even attend DAS Billing training classes. We do more by offering provider credentialing, payer contracting, coding review by certified coders, and even internal practice audits.

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