Security Risk Assessment

We can help your practice meet the healthcare cybersecurity requirements of HIPAA.

DAS Health provides your practice with the most comprehensive, HIPAA compliant, and proven HIPAA security risk assessment. Further, combined with our ongoing security training, we offer a complete security package for your healthcare practice. Our team will help you complete your required HIPAA security risk assessment. We will provide all training, documentation and reporting. Most important, we do it all with an easy to use, online tool.

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Security Risk Assessment

An increasing number of healthcare businesses are becoming victims of HIPAA security breaches. Subsequently, it’s more important than ever to protect your organization. So, with the right training, tools and resources we improve your security posture and minimize threats against your practice.

You CAN increase your healthcare cybersecurity posture. And it’s not that difficult. The requirement of HIPAA generally follow modern security standards. We follow industry standard best practices to protect your PI. During a security audit we help you identify your areas of exposure. Likewise, we can help you develop security measures to remediate any weaknesses identified.

DAS Health provides you an online healthcare security risk assessment tool. In short, we offer a step by step process, and documents as you complete each section. Most important, where the entire process is done online, it’s simple to complete your HIPAA security risk assessment quickly. Get started today.

HIPAA Security Risk Assessment, Customized to Your Needs:

  • We provide guided video training for all of your staff. In addition, you’ll receive written record of completed training.
  • An online compliance portal provides access to our easy to use policy and procedure templates.
  • Most important, the online system is secure and readily accessible. There is no installation.

Supported by Experts:

  • Our trusted security risk experts focus on the healthcare industry.
  • Comprehensive features based on most recent regulations and best practice.


Let us help you meet HIPAA security assessment requirements!