Healthcare Systems Integrations and Interfaces

We create healthcare interfaces for better business.

Our custom built, practice specific interfaces connect your practice to labs, hospitals, EHRs, and practice management systems. In short, we reduce the need for manual data entry. So, our interfaces allow you to increase efficiency while reducing staff resources & data entry errors.

In other words, our interface experts build each healthcare integration based on your specific work flows and end goals. Moreover, we work with all of the top labs. As a result, we provide a seamless flow of data from your practice to your hospital.

In addition, we can integrate your EHR or PM software to import and export data at will. DAS Health has experience with nearly all practice management platforms. So, we can help you interface and integrate to reduce data entry. Above all, our interfaces are secure, reliable and supported by our in-house integrations team.


EHR Integrations, regardless of your EHR

We work directly with labs and vendors to make the EHR interface process as seamless as possible. We work with your interests in mind to streamline workflows. Our experts build each integration based on your specific work flows and end goals. To sum up, we optimize data input for better healthcare business.




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Creating Healthcare Interfaces for 15+ Years

With over 15 years of experience, our team has you covered with industry leading implementation speeds. We’ve created and led over 400 custom integrations. So, we know what it takes to get the job done right.


Healthcare Integrations Features:

  • Improved data accuracy with reduced
    manual data entry.

  • A constant flow of patient data with
    automated data transfers.

  • Increased productivity without
    compromising quality.

  • Enhanced security and privacy of
    patient data.

  • Reallocation of staff resources for
    improved overall performance with
    real time data.

  • Meet all state requirements for secure
    electronic PHI transmission.

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