So Many New Efficiencies.

Jose R. Mole, MD

Internal Medicine

Dr. Mole came to the United States from Cuba in 1998. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Dr. Mole moved to Tampa and opened his practice in July 2005.

In 2011 after researching several EHR vendors, Dr. Mole made the decision to purchase Aprima from DAS. A key factor for him was “the in town training and support. They are physically here,” says Dr. Mole. From talking to friends he learned with other providers “everything had to be through the phone or internet. You don’t have physical contact. You’d get a short training and you don’t see them anymore. These guys are here. They come to the office when I need them. If I have a problem, they help me out. They did everything for me.”

A favorite feature is e-prescribing. “The possibility to prescribe remotely and have better control of the medications and feedback from the pharmacist - it’s easier and faster,” says Dr. Mole. Refills provide a great example. “Last night I had a patient who needed an antibiotic. It took me three minutes on my laptop,” says Dr. Mole. “I didn’t need to call the pharmacy and go over questions and information with them.” He was able to view the patient’s medical history from his laptop at home and with “just a click!” the refill was ordered.

The ease of accessing charts while seeing patients in his office, the hospital, rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities is “another wonderful thing” Dr. Mole enjoys since implementing Aprima. “Whenever I am ready to send my visit note I just select the hospital or nursing homes fax number and click! When I get there, I don’t need to worry about history, problems list, medications - it’s all there already before I get there. That’s a plus. I don’t need to be calling, looking for the chart, getting the chart, looking at the chart, pulling the right thing I need, sending it by fax,” says Dr. Mole, “Now I just go to the computer, send what I want to have and it’s there for me. It saves me time and the care is better as not every patient is a good historian.”

Aprima’s portability has also proven beneficial to taking a vacation! On a recent trip to Aruba, Dr. Mole was able to spend a few minutes each day following up on cases. It transformed the stress of returning to mountains of paperwork after vacation. He came home to a clean desk!

“The referrals are also wonderful,” says Dr. Mole, “When the patient goes for the consultation - the consultant knows at a glance the problems of the patients, the medications and the reason for the consultation. I don’t have to write anything. All I have to do is pick the person I’m referring to, and they get everything” with a click.

Dr. Mole saw other offices set up so that the doctor’s back was to the patient while they were taking notes. He didn’t like that and found using a tablet with a pen worked best for him, allowing him to use the program and talk to the patient face to face. “Aprima allows you to dictate, type or click,” describes Dr. Mole. “I’m listening, clicking, recording symptoms, and when I finish I order the medication. Afterwards I bring my tablet to my desk and I use my keyboard to finish notes and close the case.” It’s that easy. Dr. Mole advises other physicians to, “get rid of the paperwork!”


Dr. Jose Mole, M.D., P.A. was converted to Aprima from Visionary PM and paper charts.